Do Private Investigators have access to government records?

Government records are the most valuable information and are taken as the confidential and mystery part of information. These are highly sensitive and restricted part of information where the access to this information is quite impossible and exceptionally rare. Regular individual have no rights to get this vital information. This is because of the mystery substance involved in the information and more likelihood of breach of mystery information. These records have the highest standards and more mystery involvement. This could be more risky and will lead the nation security in danger, if these records are accessed by hostile nation.  These are the important archives which are created, received and have the recorded information of the government business and kept as the confirmation of government business activities and transactions. This emphasizes is more on the purpose where this information is kept in paper records or electronic form.

These are the primary source of information which includes documentation of unpublished records which are appropriately maintained in the organized filing or information management systems in all the government offices.  These are made up of information and are the defined for the essential purpose and values. Government published books; artifacts and library material are not taken up as the public data. Vital statistic on the birth and death of an individual are recorded as the government data within the government jurisdiction.  In certain investigation, private investigators are permitted to have the access of this information. It relies on upon the sort of information which is required to be accessed. Examples of such information which can be accessed by private investigators are like bankruptcy, federal court and tax records.

In more serious investigation, these private investigators can even go for accessing the military and other sensitive data by the use of FOIA opportunity of information act. These private investigators have the right to have the access to a portion of the regular information which is classified as the public and private records.  Private investigators have the access to these information and court records which includes the marriage, divorce, deeds, mortgage, wills, civil or criminal cases. They may also have the access to a portion of the regular information on birth, death and census. Census records are stored for 72 years and birth and death details are stored for 50 years.  Private investigators are granted the permission in certain jurisdictions, to have the access to the information on some sealed or shut cases, it is essential for the private detective melbourne cost to obtain the license from that state where the information is stored, prior to access.